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Chromium formate

Molecular formula: Cr(HCOO)3
Molecular weight: 187.14
Physicochemical Properties: Greenish-black powder. When heated at 300-400℃,it broken down into Cr2O3.
Applications and Usages: Mainly used in leather tanning,mordant dyeing, and trivalent chromium plating; film and photography industry. It also be used for chemical reagents, olefin polymerization catalyst, oxidation catalyst, for the latex hardened, mining use of drilling slurry.
Packag: 25Kg / bag, plastic inside and knitting bag outside, or in terms of customer's requirements.

Product Specification: Q/YLB-2005-25

Indexes Industrial Grade
Cr(HCOO)3 % ≥ 99
Water insoluble % ≤ 0.02
Chloride(Cl) % ≤ 0.01
Ferrum ( Fe ) % ≤ 0.005

Chromium formate photo:
Chromic acetate photo