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Sodium nitrite

Molecular formula: NaNO2
Molecular weight: 69
Physicochemical Properties: White or slight yellow crystal, easy in moisture. specific density:2.168, Meltiong point:271℃. It decomposes at 320℃. It can be oxidized in the aire as solium nitrate. It will burn once in contact with easy combustion things and then produced the poisonous and stimulating nitrogen oxide gas. It is harmful to swallow.
Applications and Usages: Mainly used as fabrication nitrogroup compound azo-dye, fabric dyeing mordant, bleaching agent,metal heat treatment agent and pharmacy industry technology.
Packag: 50Kg / bag, plastic inside and knitting bag outside, or in terms of customer's requirements.

Product Specification: Q/YLB-2005-03

Indexes Fused salt level Industrial Grade
Nitrite solium (NaNO2) % ≥ 98.5 ≥ 98.0
solium nitrate(NaNO3) contents % ≤ 0.5 ≤ 1.9
Chloride(Cl) % ≤ 0.17 ---
Water insoluble % ≤ 0.05 ≤ 0.10
Humidity % ≤ 2.0 ≤ 2.5
Appearance white crystal white crystal

Sodium nitrite photo:
Sodium nitrite photo Sodium nitrite bag photo